Buying and Selling Real Estate during COVID-19

Even in these uncertain times of COVID-19, many people need to buy or sell their home or other real estate.  Realtors are well equipped to help you through this process.  Here are some suggestions we’ve compiled.


If you need to buy or rent a home your initial search for available properties can be accomplished many ways.

  • Review real estate publications, which provide a good overview of the market and provide you with the names of Realtors you can contact who understand the market.  You can almost always obtain a copy from your local grocery store – these stores will remain open during this time.     
  • You can view a digital replica of our publications online and subscribe to be notified via e-mail when a new issue is published. 
  • View property availability on real estate websites – locally focused sites like ours or your local Realtors may help you narrow your search quicker taking you directly to properties in the market that interest you.
  • Your Realtor can provide online virtual tours and photos of properties for an initial viewing and most, if not all, documents and other items related to your purchase can be handled electronically.

Viewing property in person:

Touring residential property in person could be difficult at this time as the property owners may be “sheltered in place” and have difficulty leaving to allow you access – or “stay in place” orders may be active in your location.  If you are free to leave your home some properties are vacant, and some residents may be working in essential business and be gone during the day.

If you can travel and gain access to see your desired property, of course, do not visit the home if you display any signs of illness.  Your Realtor can take precautions to assure both you and the homeowner are comfortable.  Wearing masks, coverings over your shoes and gloves might be necessary to view a home in person at this time and are sensible ideas.


Your Realtor, as noted above, can take many precautions to assure your home is safe if you are able to leave to allow a showing.   And now may be a good time to list your home to sell and make it available to the market.  Mortgage rates are very competitive, and many people always need to buy or rent.  Moving services are also available at this time.

Purchase or sell In Process:

Need to extend your current contract?  Ask your Realtor for help.  Flexibility is critical on all sides during times like these.

Title Companies and real estate support services are generally allowed to operate.  Please check with your Realtor.

Whatever you do, please take the needed precautions to keep healthy.

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